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Jaehyo Lee

Title=0121-1110=193061, 1993, stone

Title=0121-1110=102101, 2001, wood

01 ‘two’ 21-1 three 110=1, 2000, paper

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Reasons not to date a Graphic Designer

Angel and Faith cover issue 3 by ~StevenJamesMorris

Buffy cover, season 9 issue 2 by ~StevenJamesMorris

Memento mori
To obtain a true and perfect knowledge [of the vascular system] I have dissected more than ten human bodies, destroying all the other members, and removing the very minutest particles of the flesh by which these veins are surrounded. And as one single body would not last so long, since it was necessary to proceed with several bodies by degrees, until I came to an end and had a complete knowledge; this I repeated twice, to learn the differences…

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